Next Hotel Brisbane Ticks all the Boxes

When you’re seeking great accommodation, it’s all about convenience, location and cost. With the big smoke an hour’s drive away, we don’t often consider Brisbane as a fabulous weekend getaway. We tend to opt for Sydney or Melbourne to get our city fix, but many don’t realise that Brisbane is vast becoming one of Australia’s coolest cities. Believe it! […]

My Mac Got a UniqFind Makeover

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a girly girl at heart, and I can confidently confess that I’m the ultimate consumer. So when I found a fabulous little skin to style up my MacBook Air, I knew I just had to have it. One quiet Wednesday evening while couch-based with a Creme egg (what? Easter is approaching) and scrolling […]

How to Survive Moving House

Sure, a new home is always lovely. Just think of all the decorating you get to do thanks to your interiors Pinterest boards! It’s just the idea of packing up your life and shifting it all to a new address is daunting and super time-consuming. It’s true, no one likes to move house. So, to help with any […]

My Walking Playlist

Although I have certainly tried, I’m simply not cut out for gyms, and lately getting the time to head to a hot yoga class is unlikely. I was blessed (cursed) with Italian genes that don’t exactly allow me to rely completely on my metabolism, so exercising in one form or another is a must. So, every morning before […]

Interview: Revie Jane of Crossfit Babes Miami

Our first That Girl for 2015 is the delightful little pocket rocket and CrossFit babe with the larger than life personality,Revie Jane. No doubt you’ve seen her and her pink babes in all their glory on Instagram, as both Revie, and her business CrossFit Babes Miami have a total following of 80,000. She’s an ambassador for Lululemon, has launchedTriBabes with her fellow fit […]

New Year: Turn it Up

There’s something about this New Year that has me totally motivated. Something overnight just clicked (it could’ve been the hours spent watching Suits and seeing how much they kick ass). Although I should’ve spent all of my days off in the sun with friends and a rosè in hand, I was either at my desk (which […]

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